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    • 11 Lube Center locations in Maryland & Pennsylvania
    • 4 Auto Spa locations Frederick, Germantown, Gambrills, & Huntingtown
    • 2 ASE-Certified Auto Repair locations Frederick and Gambrills, MD
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    Corporate Leadership

     We always focus on the things we can do to make our customers experience a better one. 

    It’s more than just words to us; it is the single focus by which we measure our success as a company. Our customers ALWAYS come first. No exceptions. 


    In 1987, Randall along with Steven Ranney founded the company as a single Lube Center.  Prior to founding the company, Randall started up and ran several small businesses including a Tire Shop and a Health Club. Randall bought out Steven Ranney’s portion of the business in 2012 to become the sole owner. 

    Today, Randall oversees all aspects of WLR Automotive Group and is actively involved in the daily operations as well as the future growth of the company.  Randall works directly with the Leadership Team and Department Heads to make sure that the vision and goals of WLR Automotive Group are aligned and that our customers are being delivered the best experience possible. 

    In addition to the automotive group of businesses, WLR Automotive Group is also involved in real estate rentals and development.  As the President and CEO, Randall will make certain that WLR Automotive Group plays an active role in participating and giving back to the communities where we have locations.


    Mike joined WLR Automotive Group through Middletown High School’s work-study program in 1997.  It is pretty exciting to see employees move up through the company.   Now, Mike has progressed his way through the company as a Managing Partner and part of the company’s Leadership Team.   To insure future growth in our company, Mike is developing his employees to provide them the similar opportunities to the ones he has had.

    Mike is one of our Managing Partners responsible for overseeing locations for both The Lube Center and The Auto Repair brands.   Mike is responsible for keeping the staff focused to keep our locations operating a top level.   Daily, Mike motivates his team to make our customers their top priority.


    John represents a perfect example of what it means to grow with a company.  In 1994, John came to the company as an automotive technician through the Governor Thomas John High School’s work-study program.   Over 20 years later, John is a Managing Partner responsible for overseeing locations for both The Lube Center and The Auto Repair brands.  John also is a member of the company’s Leadership Team.   

    As Managing Partner, John is responsible for insuring that ourlocations are operating at professional level.   John’s goal is to keep customer service as the top priority while growing and molding our management staff for growth and success.   


    John joined the company in 2003 as Managing Partner of The Auto Spas.  Prior to working with WLR Automotive Group, John worked for 11 years in the Long-term Health Care industry in Montgomery County Maryland.  John graduated from Southern University in 1991 with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Long-term Health Care and Business Administration.  

    As Managing Partner, he serves as a member of the company’s Leadership Team.  John serves as the leader of all The Auto Spa locations by providing operational and strategic direction on a daily basis.  


    Since 1998, Pamela has held the position Assistant to the President & CEO at WLR Automotive Group.  While working closing with the President & CEO, she also has responsibility for multiple internal operations processes.  In addition, Pamela serves as a member of the company’s Leadership Team.  Prior to joining WLR Automotive Group, Pamela worked for a law firm based in Rockville, Maryland. 

    Notable is her 20 plus years of experience as an Executive Assistant.  Because of Pamela’s experience, she has been an asset providing organizational and project orientated skills our company.


    Since her initiation into WLR in 2010 as a Marketing Consultant, Cheryl has realized growth within the company to Marketing Manager and now, Marketing Director. As Marketing Director, Cheryl serves on the company’s Leadership Team. 

    As a graduate of The University of Maryland, College Park and with over 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Cheryl leads our campaigns in an effort to bridge the gaps between our business offerings/services and customer awareness. She also takes great pride in extending WLR’s endowment into our neighboring community outreach efforts.


    Jacquie has been with the WLR Automotive Group since August 2011.  Jacquie graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with Bachelor degrees in both Business and Political Science.  In addition, she is also certified as a public accountant (CPA).  Jacquie’s work experience has included positions in both the for-profit and nonprofit arenas. 

    As the Chief Financial Officer, she participates on the company’s Leadership Team.   In her role, Jacquie is responsible for oversight of the company’s financial operations including payroll.   An important function of Jacquie position is to work closely with the President & CEO to use financial data to seek opportunities for future investment and company growth.


    John joined the company in 2010 as the Human Resources Director.   Prior to working with WLR Automotive Group, John worked in Human Resources for companies in the hospitality, residential treatment and retail industries.   John holds his undergraduate and Master of Business Administration degrees from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.   In addition to his education, John is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) from the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).   

    As the Human Resources Director, he serves as a member of the company’s Leadership Team.   In addition, he provides the leadership, consultation and strategic direction regarding the company’s Human Resource Management and Office Management functions.


    Simon joined WLR in early 2012 as a Systems Administrator, overseeing the health of the company’s information technology infrastructure. Since joining the company, he has strived to further solidify and grow IT for every aspect of the company. After receiving a promotion to IT Manager in July 2014, Simon assumed the responsibility IT Department.   As IT Manager, Simon helps manage technology and operational changes across the company.


    As our Facilities Manager at WLR since 2012, Noah leads his team in facilities maintenance, safety and quality improvements across all of our businesses. Noah brings with him over 20 years of experience in industrial maintenance, welding, electrical, and supervisory abilities.



    Jeffery partnered with WLR Automotive Group in 2013. Prior to joining the WLR team, he worked in New York City as a professional writer, political strategist and project manager. He has also taught at the college level. Jeffery possesses a degree in Psychology from American Public University and a Master Statement of Accomplishment in Business Strategies from the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business.

    As a writer, Jeffery had success with original works Off-Broadway and has both published and presented internationally with regard to original academic writing and theory. He has also achieved success in sales and has held senior campaign management and strategic consultation roles across the country. As Business Strategies Manger, Jeffery is the senior project manager for WLR and manages the oversight of strategic initiatives and projects for the company.


    Hilary joined the company’s Staff Development department in 2012.  She obtained her Bachelor of the Arts degree from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland and has previously held positions in both the Human Resources and Professional Development field. 

    As Staff Development Manager, Hilary recognizes the importance of a solid training program and strives to provide all employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed.  Hilary’s focus is to make Staff Development more than just training; her focus is to empower employees to grow on a personal and professional level.


    Kristi has been part of our company since 2007.    In 2010, Kristi led the development of an internal Customer Relations department and became the Customer Relations Manager.  Our company prides ourselves on our ability to offer great customer service.  The Customer Relations Department, under Kristi’s leadership, embraces their integral role in of creating processes, procedures and standards for addressing customer related items.

    Kristi has worked hard to develop, customize and manage a customer solutions software to help improve our timeliness and efficiency in responding to customers.   In addition, Kristi manages our Customer Loyalty Program which she played an important role in implementing.


    Dana joined WLR Automotive Group in March of 2014.  Prior to joining the WLR team, she worked as a Customer Account Manager, Education Analyst/Corporate Trainer and Program Manager for a large computer company.  Dana possesses a degree in Management from Clemson University. 

    As she reviews documents and works with all members of the company on various projects, she is enjoying learning all the various aspects of the company. As Business Process Manager, Dana ensures employees properly develop and maintain documentation of all policies and procedures.